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Design Tips: Kitchen Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements in a space. Apart from the illumination it provides, it has control over mood setting, and the fixtures can serve as sculptural elements within a space.

In this blog post we will break down key components when choosing the right lighting for the kitchen.

1. Recessed Lighting:

Recessed fixtures provide general lighting to the area. When properly placed, they create an balanced and even lighting for the entire space. We like to incorporate recessed lighting as dimmers, in order to have control on mood setting and illumination.

2. Semi Flush Fixtures:

Semi-flush fixtures are a fantastic solution for kitchen's with lower ceilings that still need a statement piece that provide task lighting. Within a modern space, semi-flush fixtures can be incorporated at a large scale as seen in the project below.

3. Under-cabinet Lighting:

Often overlooked, under-cabinet lighting is essential for a functional kitchen space. Not only do they provide task lighting for counter top space, they also elevate the overall design of the kitchen. Most of our projects include LED strip for a nice glow and modern illumination. Recessed lights can be turned off and under-cabinet lights left on for a romantic glow.

4. Pendant Fixtures:

Pendants are a great way to introduce task lighting as a very decorative element. The options are endless as they now come in all shapes, colors, finishes, and sizes! We choose pendants depending on the style of the kitchen. Transitional styles can opt for a more traditional look - pendant with fabric shades for a cozy light. Modern styles can be bold with bright colors and uncommon silhouettes. Either way you prefer, they all help illuminate the actives conducted on the island.

Lighting is about layers and selecting the pieces that not only look incredible, but perform according to your cooking and entertaining needs. It is a very fun aspect of design that requires a lot of technical knowledge and professional assistance.

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