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Located in the coveted Coconut Grove neighborhood, 58 Bay Height

Located in the coveted Coconut Grove neighborhood, 58 Bay Heights commands attention with its superb architecture and innovative design. This project was custom designed by Guimar Urbina, as a collaboration between architecture and interiors.

This new construction house is contemporary yet feels like a family home. It's modern aesthetic, both outside and inside, displays a lot of character.

White, sleek walls are complemented with wooden details throughout, and modernized with industrial hardware for the ultimate balance.

The phrase "warm welcome" was translated into the main entrance, where the walls, ceiling, and hidden door are covered in warm wood panels.

The interior architectural features were kept minimal, focusing on powerful lighting, open spaces, and unobstructed views to the backyard. This concept can be noted in the main living area, where surfaces are kept clean, and the ceiling makes the biggest statement. Lighting is also used throughout as a detail, such as the subtle glow in the stairs handrails.

A two story layout allowed for a dynamic design and the opportunity to incorporate a lot of windows. The views and natural lights refreshen the space and add to the modern appeal.

Within the rooms, including the (5) bedrooms and (5) bathrooms, white marble, bright walls, and neutral accents kept in line with the minimal design incorporated in the architecture.

One of the home's greatest features, the backyard. The lush greenery, desirable pool, and deep patios - both downstairs and upstairs balconies - would be enjoyed the most by the family. As an addition to the outdoors, a BBQ area was created with all the tools, and features that can be dreamed of.

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