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Guimar Urbina Interiors Comes Highly Recommended

This is what Guimar Urbina Interiors' clients have to say about their design experience.

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Cheryl Kaufman commissioned her home to be redesigned by esteemed luxury interior designer Guimar Urbina. Haute Design recently asked about the experience after Cheryl so kindly accepted to take the time and share her thoughts.

Additional images of the residence seen throughout this article can be seen here.

You have a beautiful home! What were some of the main things you wanted Guimar to do with this space? I wanted Guimar to transform our home from a Mediterranean style to a more contemporary style and do a complete renovation that we would enjoy and be proud to entertain in. I couldn’t visualize what I wanted but Guimar was brilliant with reading between the lines when we went through photographs of some rooms I liked. When Guimar made her presentation of her proposal for our home, my husband, Dana and I were completely awed by the beauty of her proposal, her creativity and how perfectly she captured how we envisioned living in our renovated home.

How did you discover Guimar and what was your favorite part about working with her? I actually discovered Guimar on Houzz believe it or not. I had met with a few designers that were recommended to me but they didn’t wow me enough to want to start renovating our home. I then discovered “Houzz” and poured through each and every designer in South Florida. I came across Guimar Urbina Interiors on Houzz because of a posted photo of one of her projects. It was exactly what I wanted. I loved how she did a lot of the leg work before we met so that saved a lot of time. If I didn’t like something, she helped me find something else. If she felt I was making a mistake, she gently let me know and let me know why. Guimar met with me often and kept us up to date on budget and what was coming next. When we went to stores to choose furniture, Guimar had a strong relationship with many of the vendors. I felt I was in excellent hands.

There are accents of wood throughout the home yet it is not overbearing, quite the opposite. Was that something you wanted or was that an idea from the designer? The wood was completely Guimar’s idea. The built-ins, the placement of the dining room, the blending into the design of the structural columns that needed to remain were all Guimar’s ideas. The fabulous wood custom doors to our bedroom suite, were all Guimar’s idea.

The artwork and decorations add subtle but impactful notes of color throughout the mostly neutral-shaded home. Are these art pieces and decorations yours or did Guimar help pick any of these out? Guimar chose the pop of color on the oversized chair in the family room as well as in the throw pillows and other accessories. She even drew colors out from some of our artwork when she chose our accessories. Many of the accessories were chosen by Guimar but some we had but didn’t know how to properly place them and group them. Guimar helped us to properly place them. With respect to the artwork, we had most of it but Guimar recommended that we reframe them. She me with me at the framing store to helped us to choose new frames for each of our hanging art pieces. After reframing our hanging art, Guimar came to the house and assisted us with choosing the perfect spot for each piece. After everything was placed, we engaged Guimar to assist us with filing a few empty walls. Guimar helped me choose the size of the custom artwork piece above our bed painted by the very talented artist, J. Steven Manolis.

What would you say to anyone who might be reading this and is looking for a luxury interior designer in South Florida? As I have said to many of my friends, I had a wonderful experience with Guimar and her team. They were extremely creative, professional, talented and everything I could have asked for in a design team. Not only did Guimar and her team have incredible vision, they stuck to time schedules and budget! I highly recommend Guimar to my friends, family and clients. I was so lucky to have come across Guimar.

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