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Modern Family Home in Doral

A new construction project provided the perfect canvas to turn a house into a home. The 5 bedroom 6 bathroom house located in Doral, FL offered an open layout space in which our firm developed into a functional and entertaining environment.

Our clients wanted a place in which they could host gatherings for their family, kids, and many friends that would visit. For this reason, we focused on creating a flow between the formal living room, dining room, family room, and outdoor area - where the client would hand make classic brick oven pizza.

This flow was achieved by selecting the main pieces in each space in different shades of gray and layering neutrals. Darker grays helped balance out the white walls and floors, as well as abundance of natural light. The pops of colors would be incorporated with select accent pieces to keep the design fun yet visually consistent.

These shades of gray were kept on the darker side to , as well as the abundance of natural light that flows in from the double height windows.

The entrance of the home has a "wow factor" right away with a sculptural, red pendant light. This pendant was selected as a conversation starter with its geometric panels, bright hue, and large scale that complimented the double-height space. A large circular mirror and console table create an entrance post, but also blend into the living room straight across. This formal living room was designed to be chic, elegant, and cater to a small group of guests at a time. A variance of gray hues pair perfectly with a burgundy accent that also ties into the red pendant light.

Walking through the grand room is the modern dining table and chairs for eight. The dining table in a gray glass finish was paired with leather chairs and a large lacquer buffet table. Within the large open layout, the dining area is adjacent to the kitchen which was kept partially hidden with a half wall. This wall was dressed with a bold pattern wallpaper that contrasted against the minimalist furniture. Two rose gold table lamps added the perfect metallic accents to this feature. Strategically placed on the back corner of this wall, is a walk-in wine cellar. This cellar was custom built to elegantly show case the client's collection of wine for entertainment.

Towards the back of the grand room, lies the living room. The open layout of the space allows for the living room to flow into the kitchen, dining, and exterior door. It was kept cozy and large to comfortably seat the family to enjoy the TV. In contrast to the more formal areas that were designed in cool tones, the living room added layers of warmer tones and accents. The colors included muted greens, navy blues, and taupe.

Leading into the private areas, we begin with the guest bedroom. The bedroom was designed gender-neutral and minimal. An off-set circular rug adds a fun detail to the space and brings in blue tones for a pop.

The boy's room was playful and appropriate for the soccer-obsessed child. A bold geometric wallcovering, sculptural pendant light, and bright green accent rug were a few of the elements used to add energy and vitality for the young child to enjoy.

The master room design was fit for a 5-star hotel suite. The double height was decorated with patterned fabric that served as both frames and window curtains. The colors of the fabric inspired the rest of the room's furnishings including the custom size area rug, subtle wallpaper, and neutral furniture materials. In the corner, we added a bold red accent chair to continue the pops of color in the spaces.

These colors differed greatly to the master bathroom that was designed to be a contemporary oasis. Two of our favorite features are the futuristic pendant light, and the gray and white striped, marble accent tile that was incorporated all through-out the double shower. The master suite was a breath of fresh air, yet very trendy and versatile.

Bringing the outdoors into the interior, the Cabana bathroom fuses natural elements, such as wood paneling to visually tie into the patio. This full bathroom, that also serves as powder room, has direct access to the pool area which we kept minimal, with all white furniture for lounging and dining.

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