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Guimar Interview by UNIVISION at Eicholtz Miami Art Basel event

Art Basel is renowned for bringing together the world's leading galleries and showcasing exceptional artworks, and this year's event at Eichholtz Miami was no exception. Guimar Urbina Interiors had the privilege of being part of this extraordinary gathering, where creativity, innovation, and design excellence collided.

In an insightful conversation with Univision, Guimar Urbina shared her perspectives on the intersection of art and design. The interview touched upon the influence of Art Basel on design trends, the significance of Eichholtz Miami as a hub for artistic inspiration, and Guimar's own experiences in the world of interior design.

For those eager to delve deeper into the conversation, we invite you to watch the complete Univision coverage of the Art Basel event at Eichholtz Miami. The full interview unfolds the captivating dialogue between Guimar Urbina and Univision, offering valuable insights and a behind-the-scenes look at this esteemed design event.

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