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"TURNKEY project" by GUIMAR Urbina

Guimar Urbina _Head Designer

Thanks to the good relationship I had with my clients when designing their first home in Miami 10 years ago, my clients from Mexico called me a second time to design their new apartment. This says a lot about my relationship with my clients.

I always seek to satisfy my clients with the design, budget and time.

Project located in the City of Aventura, Florida.

The search for accessories takes about 2 to 3 weeks, as I visit different local shops and local artists. This time we visited Nest Casa, West Elm, Home Goods, and Tata Davila a local artist who has been working with me for years offering me one of the kind accessories. In addition, I always look for the facility that if my client does not like something, it can always be returned.

What accessories do we buy? Pillows, Artwork, picture frames, sculptures, candles, trays, flowers, books, glasses, plants, coffee cups, wine glasses, etc ...

Knowing that our furniture, carpet and wallpaper colors were between white and gray. I wanted to find a color that would give it strength and create a wow factor. Those who know me know that my favorite color is red, and well it was the color that inspired me the most to make pop with the Missoni pillows, I fell in love with that little table lamp from Porta Romana in RED and a Murano Glass in burgandí color that I got in Home Goods for only $ 40.

Here I share some photos of the installation:

I took this video with my cell phone, soon we will share the professional photos.

I want to clarify to my readers that this phase of accessories is only carried out to projects where Guimar Urbina Interiors has been hired to do space planning and selection of furniture, light fixtures, carpets, millwork and wallpapers.

Always grateful.


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