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Styling Your Desk Space

It is very common that our clients have the opportunity to convert a wall, niche, or additional room into a functional working space. Regardless of size, we want to showcase a few different versions that we have customized using our expertise.

Master Bedroom

There is a way to have working space in a master bedroom and still look contemporary and high end. The solution is creating custom pieces that tie into a larger millwork design. For example, a sophisticated desk top that fuses into a state of the art TV unit always creates a beautiful impact.

Kid's Rooms

Keep it Simple with children. There will always be enough clutter, supplies, gadgets around. Important is to ensure you have enough storage in the room to hide, so the desk can remain organized - at least most of the time. We love the new trend of modern furniture paired with a fun desk chair.

Niche Office

Niches are fantastic for so many innovative options such as storage, entertainment, or artwork. However, we find it is also perfect for custom designing an office. Custom millwork allows for full utilization of the space to include table top, over head cabinetry, and filing.

Compact Room

A good use of a compact, narrow room - common in older apartments - placing a floating work table with over head shelving for extra storage space. The floating aesthetic allows the room to not appear cluttered, and is very modern. This way, you bring function, aesthetics, and practicality to the space.

Making a Statement

A guest room provides a great opportunity to include a small desk for occasional work sessions. In this case, we like to make a statement! It is all about selecting a unique piece and placing it in an interesting location in the room.

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