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Guimar Urbina Interiors collaborated with architect Nelson de Leon of Locus Architecture

Guimar Urbina Interiors collaborated with architect Nelson de Leon of Locus Architecture, Inc to design a state-of-the-art new construction home. This (6) bedrooms (7) bath home, located in Coral Gables, FL, is straight from a modern dream: clean lines, vast windows, neutral palette, and a simple - yet complex – structure. This project is a perfect example of the success that occurs when interior designers and architects work together. It creates an all-around perfect structure in which the exterior and interior function in unison.

The results are outstanding, but the process proved to hold many challenges that were resolved by working together as a team. Some of the challenges included the city’s strict building codes, the property’s surroundings, and the risky weather in South Florida. Both Guimar and Nelson worked through each phase to ensure that the design’s concept was never sacrificed.

From a design point of view, Nelson states,

“The home’s modern design evolved from the two-fold process of trying to create a visually entertaining building while dealing with the realities of the Gables strict codes and producing a hurricane resistant structure. The idea of a very transparent interior becomes an incredible challenge when your surrounded by neighbors—every design move becomes one of framing views while shielding large expanses of glass from the elements and your neighbors sight-lines. The material palette is modern; the use of exposed concrete walls will add texture and strength when juxtaposed against smooth stucco walls and glass. The accent wood walls (exposed wood walls are not allowed in Coral Gables) are instead porcelain planks made to look like wood providing the visual benefits without any of the extensive and costly maintenance”.

All these aspects of the architecture’s design translate into their interior of the home. Placement of walls, windows, columns, and more directly affect the distribution and quality of interior space. This makes the relationship between architect and interior designer essential in creating a custom home, as seen in this project with Guimar and Nelson.

“Ideally, the architecture and interiors are developed together as they were in this case with Guimar and I working close together, creating a seamless integration of both. The spatial layouts evolved with the exterior design so that things such as TV’s, seating arrangements and art all had a logical place within the composition”, added Nelson.

His choice of word, composition, beautiful captures the collaborative process – it is like a symphony in which all components fit together and more importantly, can function together.

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