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The Best Of Salone Del Mobile 2019

Guimar Urbina is bringing you the live highlights of the Salone del Mobile.Milano (58th Edition) The largest and most famous furniture fair in the world.

I was very impressed about the light exhibition called "Euroluce" the most well known light manufacturer such as Preciosa, Vibia, Bocci, Artemide, Terzani Lighting showed the latest collection.

Picture Below. Manufacturer: Bocci

Terzani Light Fixture

Picture Above. Manufacturer: Terzani

Picture Below. Manufacturer: Preciosa , Vibia space, and Terzani

Beside lighting I had the opportunity to see the most wonderful furniture makers from Europe such as Minotti, Poltrona Frau, Poliform, Kettal, Sangiacomo, Porada, and Henge etc... As follow some of the images.

Picture Below. Manufacturer: Poltrona Frau

Picture Above. Manufacturer: Henge

Picture Below. Manufacturer: Minotti


Pictures Below. Manufacturer: Poliform, Kettal and Sangiacomo

Outside from the fair I was able to visit the showroom of Salvatori, located in the heart of Brera. This company is the most sophisticated and one of the kind in the world over for its transformation of stone into beautiful and surprising textures.


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