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First of all, I would like to thank the organizers of the International Interior Design Exhibition Show (IIDE) in Brussels for the invitation and opportunity of being for the first time an international designer representing the United States. It was an unique experience; what better opportunity than participating in Brussels, center of the European Union and city with a strong art culture.

The room I designed had many challenges: industrial look, exposed heaters, high ceilings and oversized windows overlooking the expansion of Tour & Taxis.


With years of experience, and support of sponsors, I was able to transform these two empty rooms into a single large loft, designed for an independent single man living in New York that appreciates art and design. I combined a variety of neutral light and dark color pallets like, the black and blue used for the King size bed, reading area, fireplace, desk and minimalist gym. With the support of Felix Ghyczy, we designed a tall headboard divided into three pieces and added many masculine but fine details such as, blue velvet, black wood, black brass and complemented the room with other iconic pieces by Ghyczy.

Also, the innovative lighting from “Kinetura” was key to my design, providing an elegant unique touch to the space with a soft subtle color light and movements by the hand of pure fine art design. These pieces can be appreciated next to the fire place “Napoli,” entrance door “Tokyo,” and on the nightstands. These lamps breathed by automatically changing the intensity and shape of light, a unique technology to every second called "New York".

In order to create two different spaces, I used a wide tall column covered with blue wallpaper for Technogym personal line collection designed by Antonio Citterio, and at the opposite side, a combination of blue wallpaper and halfway black marble with white veins to simulate a warm fire place and seating area.


Sponsors List.

  • Aristide

  • Van Den Weghe

  • Ghyczy

  • Technogym

  • Kinetura

  • Pascal Demeester

  • Hastens

Thank you for all of your collaboration and support....

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