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Guimar at Private Event by Wally Yachts and Poltrona Frau

During the Art Basel week, I had the incredible opportunity to embark on a memorable experience with Poltrona Frau and Wally on their “VIP Sunset Cruise.” It was a truly remarkable journey where we had the privilege of witnessing the majestic yacht that seamlessly blended the world of Italian craftsmanship with unparalleled elegance.

Our adventure began at the Island Garden, where we gathered with famous brokers, realtors, royal members, architects, and designers. The atmosphere was electric with anticipation as we prepared to board this magnificent vessel.

The yacht itself was a masterpiece, meticulously designed with the finest technology and attention to detail. Its interior and exterior exuded a radiant charm that perfectly complemented the Art Basel setting. This one-of-a-kind yacht boasted four luxurious cabins, a spacious living area, a private dining section, a fully equipped kitchen, an exterior kitchen with a sunset deck, and much more.

To give you a glimpse of this extraordinary yacht, I’ve included the link below for you to enjoy and marvel at its magnificence.

As we sailed on the VIP Sunset Cruise, we were not only captivated by the beauty of the yacht but also by the breathtaking view of Miami’s rapidly growing skyline. It was truly incredible to witness the city’s skyline evolving before our eyes.

Amidst the towering buildings, we couldn’t help but notice the integration of art into Miami’s architectural landscape. One notable example was the Aston Martin building, designed by the talented Rodolfo Miani. Its unique design and artistic elements added a touch of elegance to the cityscape.

Another architectural gem that caught our attention was the One Thousand Museum, a masterpiece designed by the renowned architect, Sarah Hadid. Its striking and futuristic design stood out amongst the surrounding buildings, showcasing the seamless fusion of art and architecture.

It was an absolute delight to witness the synergy between art, design, and urban development in Miami, making our yacht cruise an even more unforgettable experience.

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